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We at Amа̄lgrain Studio are continuously looking for new talent to work and collaborate with.

We are seeking talented architects & designers to join our journey in architectural design. We're a collaborative and innovative team that creates extraordinary spaces, from Residences to Urban Interventions.



Why Choose Amalgrain Studio?

Inspiring Designs:

Break free from conventions and unleash your creativity. At Amalgrain Studio, we push boundaries to create captivating and unique architectural wonders.

Collaborative Spirit:

Join a tight-knit team where collaboration is key. We value diverse perspectives and believe in the power of collective genius.


Currently Hiring: Graduate Architect / Junior Architect / Architectural Interns


  Passion for architecture
  Proficiency in design software - AutoCad, Sketchup, Revit, InDesign, Photoshop
  Fearless in challenging norms
  Strong collaboration skills


Please mail your applications for job/internship to career@amalgrain.com
*Note: Your profile or portfolio should not exceed 10MB.

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