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Reconnecting Communities and Environment

Sheffield as a Sponge City’


Sheffield, UK

Project Status


The global threat of climate crisis governed the changing dynamics of the environment in multiple attributes. Exploring the climatic impacts in Sheffield inspired the need to propose the development for the regional flood menace. Sheffield, being an industrial locus, has witnessed multiple changes in the growth of city over the past years making it a region of floods due to changing traits of environment. The urgency to adapt care, respect and empathy as a route towards nature is crucial and it is necessary to approach and implement the changes in the attitude for the living world. A detailed research towards the aspects of generating a livable neighborhood has led to understanding the strategies to be adapted in the study area. The desideratum for the integrity towards adapting resilience in the environment can help arise a revised way of living. The objective to connect communities and ecology has been designed through proposal phases in the dense urban realm. It is when resilience is thought of to permit nature to adapt changes by inherently impacting the communities. To acquire the notion of allowance to adapt change rather than controlling the environment has been the vital focus towards the project.

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