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Adopting Tactical Urbanism as a Participatory approach towards Smart Street Development for Jayanagar 10th Main.

Vision for Jayanagar 10th Main Road


Bangalore, India

Project Status

Competition Pitch

In every context, the active stakeholder is an experienced user of the site. Thus making them the experts whose inputs must be considered.
The Smart Street Proposal for Jayanagar 10th Main is a combination of Top-down and bottom-up design approach which is then re-appropriated using a participatory approach.

The proposal aims to tackle site problems and aid in creating a people-oriented resilient system. Sustainable and green interventions to tackle environmental pressures and stresses. Smart Interventions to keep up to date with technology. Urban development to help economic growth through increased footfall and efficient arrangement of resources. This also helps in general safety through “Eyes on the Street”.

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